– finder 2.1.1 – see who you ask the questions

admin June 24, 2013 11 – finder 2.1.1 – see who you ask the questions – finder 2.1.1 – see who you ask the questions


Found here probably just to find out how you can see who you ask questions of anonymous accounts.

That was a new version probably by a bunch of well-known program finder 1.1.5, the version is now 2.1.1. What is the difference? Another flaw was discovered that the whole job much easier.

Perhaps you ask:

“How is this supposed to know who I asked the question of anonima”

- So, the program detects and identifies the person who is logged on facebook, so if someone in one browser tab is logged on facebook and the other asks you a question on you will know who it is!

Instructions after download:

- Unzip the file

- Run the program and enter your nickname in the box at the top. The wymagatylko nickname, not like fake password yet!

- Select from the list if the last question is identified, the identification may take up to 30 minutes for a large number of questions and the speed of the processor.

- Will be created on your desktop. Txt file which will turn next to the question and the name of the person from facebook.

eg, “Favorite animal — Adam Smith”

Download Ask fm finder

ask fm finder

So how do you get?

It’s easy to download you must complete a simple questionnaire or a simple task such as a registration site.

Why do these things?

Our team did not hide the fact that these activities help us in research. They are free, but you spend your time. People you took the survey pay a penny to us any issues, but there’s always something. We want to be honest because we play with open cards. Each download contributes to the creation of new program.I want to make new program , this time it will be ask fm finder and autoliker. finder You can get after You make a survey , finder and autolike i will share with you without any survey, so look on my blog ;)



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